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Here at Media Onyx we believe that that every business is different thats why we tailor all of our website packages to suit each and every client. From new start ups to rebranding of an existing website.

Common Questions

How Long will it take to develope my website?

The development time will vary depending on the size of your project. However, we will always try to provide a estimate of when the website site will be complete. Most of our delays are due to waiting on clients for things such as content.

Do I have to pay for the development of my website up front?

The answer is no! We only take a deposit for 50% of your total development costs. You will then need to pay the rest when the website is live.

Can I transfer my domain name?

Yes! You do not need to buy the domain from us. If you already own one we can simply transfer it over.

Can I update my website myself?

Yes is the answer! If you would like to take advantage of our content management system you can. However, this is not available on all of our websites.

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